Nike Air Vapormax

Vapormax Dwg.png

2017 has been the Year of the Air, most notably, Nike Air Vapormax. The Air Vapormax has been one of Nike’s most prized generally released silhouettes, and for good reason.

On the sprawling Nike Campus, the AIR Manufacturing Innovation Facility houses engineers and designers that have been working tirelessly for the last seven years perfecting the Vapormax from the ground up.

Removing the outsole and midsole of previous Air silhouettes, the Air Vapormax encompasses the entire sole of the sneaker. This allowed Nike to completely maximize the surface area to create a full length VaporMax Air unit that’s segmented for flexibility and pressure mapped for comfort.

The Air unit wasn’t the only thing Nike demolished. The upper was deconstructed and what was left behind is a seamless, sock silhouette that features Flyknit technology and Flywire cables entangled within to secure the runner’s foot will sink in and adjust to for ultimate fit.

The Air Vapormax is available at Foot Locker, Finish Line, & Champs. Unless, you have feet the size of a small child, good luck finding common sizes.

[sources]: Nike News

[words]: Mike Kelly


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